Hell Roarin' Print Shop

Hell Roarin' Print Shop
1897 Chandler & Price at the Museum's Print Shop

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Plates & Prints

These are just a few of the hundreds of unmounted halftone letterpress plates from the WMM. All of the people etched into these metal surfaces captivate me. I wonder about who they were, what their lives were like, and what happened to them. Today I printed just 2 of these plates. 

This one says "1904 Champions" and the uniforms say "School of Mines"
This image had a hard to read name written on the back "Ruth Edna Dietrich", I could be wrong about the last name though (it's so hard to read really loopy cursive writing) 
I love this portrait!
Look as how concerned this pup is. 
No name was on the back of this image.
The Line-O-Scribe at the IBRC has quickly become my favorite press.


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