Hell Roarin' Print Shop

Hell Roarin' Print Shop
1897 Chandler & Price at the Museum's Print Shop

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Man Himself

Ladies and Gentlemen this is the guy, the one who worked in the Hell Roarin Gulch Print Shop for many years:    
Bob Rugh setting type

... and this is me awhile back in roughly the same spot. You'll notice Bob is just in a long sleeved button up and I am super bundled up! My hunch is that it was probably a warmer month when Bob was in there, either that or it's when the wood stove still worked in the shop.

This is from the day we cleaned the shop up

For all you design and type maniacs out there, check out these beautiful fonts!

I had a long day at the WMM & the IBRC, so that's all for now!


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